Changes to Sport Pass-outs

Posted on June 26, 2019

Sport is a compulsory aspect of education in New South Wales and Barrenjoey has a rich history of success across many sporting pursuits. Currently, Sport includes three aspects: the CHS knockout competition, sporting carnivals and gala days and weekly sport. At Barrenjoey weekly sport runs year-round on Wednesday afternoon for students in Years 8-10 and in Terms two and three we participate in the Warringah Zone Grade sport competition. Recreational sport is offered for students not in the grade competition, however, no matter what sport students participate in they do so knowing they are meeting the guidelines set by the Department of Education.

Sport is a compulsory aspect of school life and as such should be treated with equal importance. All students and their parents are requested to understand this fact when then they request leave for an appointment of any sort. From the start of Term 3 Wednesday afternoon will be treated just like any other Leave Application on any other day of the week and a request in writing is to be presented to Deputy Principal for approval, which is subsequently signed and presented to the Front Office.

I ask for parent assistance with this process and request that you do not allow your child to leave early on sport afternoon due to inclement weather or any other unjustifiable reason. We are expecting all students to remain at school during sport regardless of the weather and the sport teacher will supervise and/or coach the team in an alternative setting even if competitive sport is cancelled. Please understand that the litmus test for ‘approved leave’ on Wednesday afternoon will be the same as any other day with permission granted for genuine appointments only and not for reactions to unfavourable weather or cancelled games.

Your support with this will help rectify an increasing cultural concern for us at Barrenjoey.