Learning Support

The Learning and Student Support team at Barrenjoey consists of the Deputy Principal, Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, The Learning and Support Teachers, the School Counsellor and the Student Learning Support Officers (Teacher’s Aids). The aim of the Learning and Student Support team is to identify and support any students with additional learning needs and to work with staff and parents to allow all students to reach their full learning potential.

  • Assistance from the Learning Support team includes-
  • Assistance to individual students experiencing literacy, numeracy, organisational, behavioural, physical or mental health concerns.
  • Assisting teachers to program, teach and assess students who have a variety of learning needs.
  • Running specific programs in literacy and numeracy for small groups of students, including peer tutoring and English Extra.
  • Transition programs to assist students with additional learning needs to transition smoothly from year 6 to 7, including the “Step up” program.
  • Homework Club once per week for an hour after school to assist students with general homework and assessment tasks, staffed by the Learning and Support teacher.
  • Assisting students in Years 10-12 in accessing “Disability Provisions” for exams and other assessment tasks
  • Completing the Federal Government’s annual mandatory Disability Data collection.

Any parent who has concerns about their child’s learning needs is always welcome to contact the school :

Head Teacher Teaching and Learning Miss April Hines: 9918 8811 april.l.hines@det.nsw.edu.au

Learning and Support Teacher Mrs Jane Smith: 9918 8811 catharine.smith@det.nsw.edu.au

School Counsellor Mrs Debbie Davies: 9918 8811