Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Bronze 2021 Information and Registration


The award scheme is designed as a non-competitive, voluntary program of adventurous, practical and physical activities and community service.  These activities provide students with the opportunity to acquire and develop skills, initiative and self-esteem which will help them to become more confident members of the community.  The program offered at Barrenjoey High is designed to challenge each student to achieve at a level that they are capable of but they will have to show commitment and perseverance to succeed.  As a result they will gain a great sense of achievement and personal satisfaction when they complete each level.imag0225

The scheme has three awards levels:  Bronze, Silver and Gold.  To obtain each level, students must complete the following sections:  Expeditions (2 trips travelling and exploring overnight), Skills, Physical Recreation and Service.

It is the willingness of participants to challenge themselves in each of the above sections to achieve higher standards of excellence that has led to the recognition of the scheme in the wider community.  The scheme is supported and coordinated in NSW by the State Awards office and the scheme is also recognised on national and international levels.

Students can start in Year 9 at the Bronze level.  The school will provide students with all the training that is required and organise/run the expeditions and each student is responsible for organising the completion of their other sections.  The school will advise students on how to go about this and suggest activities that they may wish to undertake.  At the completion of the Bronze level, students will be able to go on and complete the Silver and Gold levels at the school.

All expeditions involve bushwalking and are organised and supervised by teachers.  Students are required to undertake compulsory training for the expeditions and organise their own food and equipment.  For further information please contact the Careers Advisor, Mr Moylan.

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