Sport is a compulsory part of the curriculum. While Year 7 do sport as an integrated part of their normal school timetable, Years 8 – 10 participate in sport on Wednesday afternoons.  Terms 1 & 4 are Recreational Sport terms and students are given the opportunity to choose their sport and in some cases a fee may have to be paid.  Term 2 & 3 are Team Sport terms and students have the opportunity to trial for a team sport to play against other schools in Warringah Zone (Pittwater, Narrabeen, Manly and Cromer High Schools) or play school based teaNetballm sports at Hitchcock Park.

In the event of wet weather, all indoor sports continue and outside sport groups do alternate activities organised by their sports teachers.  A Sport Pass Out is only available in an emergency and no more than one Sport Pass Out a Term will be issued. If a student requires a sport pass out they must see the Sports Organiser in C4 at the end of Assembly/Year Meeting (beginning of lunch 1) and must have a signed letter including a mobile contact number from the parent or carer.  If the illness/injury is likely to continue for more than 2 weeks a doctor’s certificate is required.


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