Reports on student progress and learning outcomes are issued to all students twice yearly.  After the first report has been issued, parents have the opportunity to visit the school and talk to their child’s teachers at a Parent/Teacher Evening.  Students are encouraged to attend these meetings.  These dates will be notified to parents in Peninsula Press and with an email home.  Bookings are processed online in the Sentral Parent Portal at the time of notification.  At any time parents can request a progress report by contacting the Year Advisor.

All students will attend an interview following the receipt of their Report.  Students complete a summary page which assists in highlighting the trends in their reports and this forms the basis of the interview with their Year Advisor or an executive member.  This process is one of the methods we, at Barrenjoey, are using to promote the benefits of effort with the students.

The process is proving successful because it expects students to ‘own their results’ and allows us to commence dialogue regarding the reasons for particular outcomes as well as methods of improvement.  Furthermore, the role ‘effort’ plays in the learning process is easily identified by the ‘student profile’ on each report.


This document will help you understand how to calculate GPA.

Calculating GPA