Library Life @ Barrenjoey

Barrenjoey High School’s library collection caters for the educational and leisure needs of the students and staff. There is a wide variety of fiction, non-fiction, magazines and periodicals available. The Library has a subscription to Wheelers ePlatform which offers a collection of ebooks and audiobooks to students and staff. The free Wheelers application makes this an easy process.

The Library also has a subscription to Clickview Online which offers thousands of videos designed to support the curriculum and engage students. All students and staff have access to Clickview, allowing students to access the Clickview library from home for research, homework, assessments and facilitate ‘flipped’ learning.  The Clickview Library offers 2,500+ curriculum related videos to help improve the learning outcomes at Barrenjoey High School.

The Oliver Library management system offers an engaging experience for students. Students are able to browse the Oliver Library catalogue which gives them access to important links such as Trove, Weblinks, HSC resources and the Online Referencing Generator. All services are part of the Library subscription and are available for student and staff use.

The Library promotes a wide variety of reading and writing competitions and these competitions are advertised in the Library.

The Library is open from 8:00am, Lunch 1 and 2 and after school up to close of the school day. The teacher-librarian and library assistants are available to assist students with using the library catalogue and available data bases, printing off assignments, and book selection etc.

Senior students have access to the Senior Study Room which is annexed to the library and the teacher-librarian is available to help them with their research. Senior students have Senior Study lessons incorporated in their timetables. Senior Study teachers are available to review students assignments and class work and provide feedback. 

We look forward to seeing you in your Library soon!