Creative and Performing Arts

The Creative and Performing Arts  (CAPA) Faculty at Barrenjoey HS is made up of three subject areas. Drama, Music and Visual Arts with Visual Arts extending into Photography and Visual Design.

The Arts enrich our lives in so many ways and at Barrenjoey HS students explore and develop their creativity and talents in The Arts through practical experiences that are linked to theory.

Music and Visual Arts are compulsory in Stage 4, the school offers an extension class in both subjects in this Stage. These subjects can be elected in Stage 5 and then through to the HSC.

Drama can be elected in Stage 5 and studied through to the HSC.

Photography and Visual Design (Ceramics) can be elected in Stage 5 and 6.

Extra curricular programs exist in Band and Dance at Barrenjoey HS.




Barrenjoey has a Dark Room that has two main parts to it; a large wet area for the chemical component of the process and the dry area with the black and white enlargers, timers and easels to expose images.







Barrenjoey Dance Troupe

Barrenjoey High School has a strong tradition of dance excellence.  Students are involved in many outside events such as the Northern Sydney Dance Festival.  Dance students regularly feature at school events such as Senior Showcase Night and special concerts held during the year.

The Barrenjoey Dance Ensemble rehearses in the School Hall for one hour a week.  Being an extra-curricular activity a fee will be incurred.  This covers a professional dance instructor, costumes and transport costs.  


Year 12 Drama 2016

Building on Barrenjoey High Schools reputation in the Performing and Creative Arts we are proud to offer an extra-curricular junior Drama Program in 2015 for students who have a special talent and interest in Drama and who wish to pursue this subject in the future.  Entry to the program is by interest only, no auditions necessary. The class will be held at the school one afternoon per week and, as with other extra-curricular programs a fee will be charged.

The course will cover warm ups, drama games, m i m e, improvisation, voice, movement, scene work …