The P&C supports the school by providing more and better equipment and resources for the benefit of all students, discussing educational issues, school policies and improving the school grounds and facilities.

P & C meetings are held at 6.00pm in the Staff Common Room on Wednesday evenings in Weeks 4 and 8 of each term.

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The P&C and the school regularly organises social events for the community and parents such as the welcome to new parents, the Colour Run, the Winter Night Market, The Golden Ball and various Trivia Nights. 

Parents are encouraged to participate in a variety of events such as the senior leaders’ annual fund raiser and graduation and achievement ceremonies.

A garden and grounds Bushcare group regularly works on the school gardens and assists the coordination of major environmental projects.  Working Bees are held each term.  If you are able to help with the garden please telephone the school (9918 8811) and our office staff will pass on your name.

A parent committee manages our Canteen and Uniform Store and volunteers are warmly welcomed.

A Welcome Night for New Parents is organised for the beginning of each year.  All new parents are warmly invited to attend where they get to meet other new parents along with teachers and executive staff in an informal setting.


The Welcome Night for Parents for 2020 WAS ON thursday 13 february





Please contact Kalinda Hawson, P&C President for more information.  9918 8811

The Executive of the P&C Consists of:

President: Kalinda Hawson – kalinda.hawson@det.nsw.edu.au

Treasurer: Cilla Cole

Vice Presidents: Christy Bishop and Simon Bateson

Secretary: Nicky Inger and Sheridan Binns 

President of the Canteen & Uniform Store Committee:  Di Cutrie and Kath Gunn


Barrenjoey High School P&C Meetings 2020

6.00pm in A Block Common Room


Term 1 Term 2
Wednesday 19 February Wednesday 20 May 

Wednesday 18 March

(did not happen due to COVID-19)

Wednesday 17 June 
Term 3 Term 4
Wednesday 12 August  Wednesday 4 November 
Wednesday 9 September 

Wednesday 2 December AGM


Barrenjoey High School P&C Meetings 2019

6.00pm in A Block Common Room


Term 1 Term 2
Wednesday 20 February Wednesday May 22
Wednesday March 20 Wednesday June 19
Term 3 Term 4
Wednesday August 14 Wednesday November 6
Wednesday September 11

Wednesday December 4 AGM

Notice of Meeting



Barrenjoey High School P&C Meetings 2018

6.00pm in A Block Common Room


Term 1 Term 2
Wednesday February 21 Wednesday May 23
Wednesday March 21 Wednesday June 27
Term 3 Term 4
Wednesday August 15 Wednesday November 7
Wednesday September 12

Wednesday December 5 AGM

Wednesday December 5

Notice of Meeting