Barrenjoey Cookbook

We are planning a cookbook that celebrates our Barrenjoey Community, around the concept of recipes you would like to send your son or daughter out into the world

with.  We would love you to share your favourite family recipes and the stories that go with them.  So the book becomes about people, our stories, the food that connects us and the unique place we live in.  

Think; family, friends. love. food for the heart and soul, seasons, beach living and community.  Recipes need to be simple with no obscure ingredients and interesting and tasty!.

Please join us in this celebration and send your recipes to

Or contact Sally Mayman and Gerry Colley 0415 927 218

Students will be involved with recipe collection & cooking in the school kitchens. Mentors will be working with students, shooting at school so they can be part of the photography and styling process. Students will also work on graphic design with our design team, writing, editing, marketing etc with the appropriate cookbook team expert.

Our team so far……

Gerry Colley

Sally Mayman

Emma Long

Caryn Harrington, Amber Higgins, the TAS dept & students

Judy Davies

Suzanne Hanke

Jasmin McMahon

Mia Asker

Tamsin Holloway

Di Cutrie

Sharyn Berry

Michaela Visser

Kirsten Higgins

Vanessa Edwards

Jacqui Turner

Cilla Cole 

Lisa Wayling