BCPS Endorsements

Wendy Sharpe

Artist, Barrenjoey HS Graduate – 1977, Sulman Prize winner – 1986, Archibald Prize winner – 1996 and finalist – 2013 & 2014, Portia Geach Memorial Prize – 1995 & 2003, Awardee of numerous scholarships and overseas residencies, Official war artist at East Timor – 1999.

As an ex student of Barrenjoey High School I am delighted to write in support of the construction of a Performing and Creative space at the school.Having a creative space of this kind enriches the experience of the whole school Community. It emphasises the importance of the arts in education.It will make an enormous difference to the education of all the students. Experience in the arts helps foster creativity, lateral thinking, different methods of problem solving and imagination, all these things can be applied to almost every area of life and business, not just the arts.I think it would be wonderful. It has my full support.

Julia Stone

Musician, Member of Angus & Julia Stone, 2008 Inside Films Award – Best Music Video – Just a Boy, 2nd Album Down the Way went 3 x Platinum and was the highest selling album for 2010, ARIA Music Awards 2010, Album of the Year for Down the Way – Won, Single of the Year for Big Jet Plane – Won, Best Adult Alternative – Won, Best Group – nominated, ARIA Music Awards 2011, Songwriter of the Year with Angus Stone, Triple J Top 100 voted Big Jet Plane number one for 2011, Albums – 2006: Chocolates and Cigarettes and Heart Full of Wine Eps, 2007–2009: A Book Like This, 2009–2010: Down the Way and “Big Jet Plane”, 2011-2013: Debut Solo Album – The Memory Machine 2010 and Second solo album debuted No 11 on ARIA Albums Chart, 2014: Self-titled album.

I would love to offer my support for the building of the Performing and Creative amphitheatre space at Barrenjoey high school.

Having a space like this will allow the students to express their artistic abilities in an environment that is reflective of real world performance spaces.

The space will not only give the students skills that come with putting on a live performance, such as commitment, hard work and professionalism but will also be a space where self-confidence, creative expression and community can be nurtured.

Performing requires self-belief and trust. Trust amongst the students and the community alike becomes the back bone for those students to then move through life with a sense of support and self-worth.

My time spent exploring art, music and drama at Barrenjoey was a big part of not only becoming a performer and songwriter but also in developing the creative thought required for running an international touring business.

I believe, hand in hand, the performance space with the surrounding natural beauty of the school will be an environment where young students can grow and develop into people who will contribute something of importance to the world.

I give my full support to the building of this space.

Jeff McMullen AM

Journalist, author, filmmaker

This is the space for creativity and performance that will enhance the entire Avalon community.

My children have gained immeasurable joy and learning from their Barrenjoey High School education and carried this into the wider world of university, work and their passion for ideas.

To build on the Barrenjoey tradition of connecting the school to practicing artists in all fields, let us help now to create a brilliant building that will allow all of our budding artists, dancers, photographers, filmmakers and actors in this community to perform for us all.

Felix Williamson

Actor, Writer, Writer/Director/Producer ‘Avalon Now’ series

As a local actor, filmmaker and possibly future parent at Barrenjoey – this purpose built performing arts theatre is just what the community has been waiting for. I can imagine this venue hosting concerts, screen nights, small film festivals – it’s really encouraging to see something of this callibre supporting this particularly creative community.

Sign me up!