9 March Colour Run


9th March 2018

Joy and fun were the winners on the day!

Firstly a big thank you to the whole community for getting behind the Barrenjoey 50th Anniversary Colour Run / Obstacle Course.  What an amazing day Friday was.  We feel so excited that all the kids had a ball. Mr Bowsher has thanked all the volunteers but we have to say that it would have been impossible to have had the day without all of you stepping up and helping as this was a totally non sponsored event.  Some of the volunteers enjoyed throwing powder at the kids just a little bit too much J. 

Highlights of the day included:

  • Mr Bowsher high fiving every single one of the primary school kids running around the course.
  • Lauren Petersen in yellows as our first aid person. Lauren graduated from Barrenjoey a few years ago and currently rows for Avalon SLSC and runs Avalon Uncovered.  Thanks to Avalon Beach SLSC for the loan of the first aid equipment and radios.
  • Watching the seniors pair up with the little ones and completing the course again.
  • Seeing the powder rise up out of the mosh pit and then the stampede
  • The creative slides from the kids on the giant slide
  • That fabulous music!
  • Seeing the teachers run with the students
  • The incredibly happy faces of our kids!
  • Barrenjoey kids photographing and videoing the event for future joy

Keep your eyes on the Barrenjoey High Life page and in the Peninsula Press for a video of the day.  We are looking forward to two more celebratory events this year – the Night Market in Term 2 and the Golden Ball in on 29 September.  We will open these events to sponsorship so if you or your business would like to get involved please feel free to contact us.  Watch this space!

Kalinda and Claire