Uniform Policy & Procedures

Students at Barrenjoey High School wear a uniform that has been developed and endorsed by a team of parents, students and staff.

a) Shoes

Local school uniform must comply with relevant legislation including NSW Work Health & Safety Act 2011 that under Work Health and Safety laws, schools must ensure that students are not exposed to health or safety risks while they are on Department promises. The school has a duty to implement a uniform policy that ensures students wear appropriate footwear to school.

Below is a description of shoes that are acceptable at Barrenjoey High School. Only shoes that are black leather and fully enclosed at the heel and toe are to be worn to school.


b) Shorts

When students wear shorts at Barrenjoey they are required to wear the Barrenjoey school shorts which are purchased at the uniform store. Other blue or black shorts are not permissible.

c) Jumpers/Jackets

There are a number of Barrenjoey jumpers and jackets available at the uniform store. Other jumpers and jackets are not permissible.  The Committee has endeavoured to cover all options.

d) Practical lessons

During practical lessons correct protective clothing must be worn e.g apron and eye protection, leather, fully enclosed shoes. These are Work Health and Safety requirements of the Department of Education. Students who do not have appropriate protective clothing may be excluded from the lesson or activity for their own safety.

e) Sports Uniforms

Years 8, 9 and 10 wear full sports uniform on Wednesdays.  All Year 7 students are to wear their sports uniform to school on Wednesdays.


Occasionally situations arise where students cannot wear the correct uniform for a short period of time – for example, due to damaged or lost items. In this instance, students should see a Deputy Principal before 9am with a note from a parent to receive a yellow uniform pass.  This does not cover them for practical classes where they need to wear certain uniforms for their own safety.

Consequences for being out of uniform may include:

  • A 20 minute detention at recess, straight after roll call/assembly. Failure to attend recess detention may result in an after-school detention.
  • Parents contacted regarding incorrect uniform.

Students who are persistently out of uniform, or do not attend detentions, may be excluded from representing the school in sporting and other events.

The Uniform Store (located in A block) is open on Monday and Thursday mornings from 8.30-10.30am and Tuesday afternoons 3.00-5.00pm. During holidays and early in the term extended opening hours may apply.