Parents have a special role in relation to bicycle safety.  It is vital that parents make sure that the bicycles their children ride are road worthy and that the children are provided with approved safety helmets.  Students need to lock their bikes if they wish to ride to school.

Students are encouraged to take care when riding to and from school especially along the main roads and not to ride their bicycle if they do not have a helmet.  Students must not ride their bikes on school grounds.


Opal Cards

The School Opal card application can be found at  Please complete the form online and the school will endorse the submission.

Just like current paper travel passes, the School Opal card gives eligible students free travel to and from school on school days.  However, the School Opal card makes travel simpler, because now students don’t need multiple application forms and passes if they use different transport operators within the Opal network.

Students with current school travel passes will not need to apply for a School Opal card unless they are starting school for the first time, changing schools, campus, their home address or moving from Year 6 to 7.  Students new to Barrenjoey in any year group will need to apply for a new Opal Card.

Barrenjoey is frequently praised by bus companies, the ferry crew and members of the public for their excellent behaviour when travelling.  It is very important that our good reputation is maintained and that, at all times, Barrenjoey students travelling on buses or the ferry should display proper conduct and sit quietly in the interest of safety and the comfort of other travellers.

Misbehaviour or problems on buses or ferries will be dealt with by the relevant company, which will liaise with the school.  Bus and ferry passes are issued to every student who qualifies, however, they can be withdrawn for unsatisfactory behaviour.  Applications for bus and ferry passes are available from the Front Office.  These links will have more information regarding school routes.

Links for Bus timetables

Use think link to plan your trip to Barrenjoey.  In the Options Menu make sure you select School Bus only


For any travel by ferry please collect an application form from the Front Office at the School.

Palm Beach Ferries


Students’ and Parents’ cars must be parked outside the school grounds.