Special Religious Education (SRE)

On enrolment at Barrenjoey, parents/carers will be given the SRE participation letter to complete and return. After the initial enrolment, notification of changes to your child’s enrolment in SRE should be given to in writing to the school.

The following SRE classes are offered at Barrenjoey High School:


Option 1:    Catholic SRE provide by Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay

Option 2:    Combined Christian SRE using Anglican curriculum provided by Anglican Diocese of Sydney

Students not attending SRE will be provided with supervised alternative activities.  This could include reading, private study or completing homework.

Students continue in the same arrangement each year, unless a parent/caregiver has requested a change in writing. At any time, parents/caregivers have the right to change the SRE nomination or to withdraw their child from the nominated lessons. A note to the Deputy Principal will affect this change.