Principal’s Welcome

Ian Bowsher 2015

Barrenjoey is a community, comprehensive high school with an exceptional geographic position which influences the character of the school.  Barrenjoey is an integral part of a cosmopolitan, artistic and creative community.  As a progressive high school Barrenjoey has developed a unique balance between creative excellence, academic achievement and social awareness.  The Parents and Citizens of Barrenjoey are highly involved with the school, forming an important link between all members of the Barrenjoey community, underpinning the value ‘relationships’ hold in an area with such a strong sense of identity.

Barrenjoey is a school that recognises and celebrates excellence on a regular basis.  Success is experienced in many pursuits and we are proud of the variety of opportunities provided for all students.  Programs are developed that genuinely strengthen the partnerships   between students, parents, staff and the community.  Student leadership, transition programs, student mentoring and the Peninsula Community of Schools (PCS) initiative are all examples where Barrenjoey is leading the way in public education throughout NSW.

Barrenjoey is experiencing a powerful drive for continuous and authentic change.  The culture of the school advances each and every year, as successive cohorts of students, staff and parents are able to build upon the substantial advances of previous Barrenjoey community members.  The planning process has created a platform that will continue to advance the existing good name of Barrenjoey High School.  The school has embarked on an ambitious restructure where various processes, procedures and learning models are being explred, developed and implemented.  However, through-out this transformation process Barrenjoey students will be supported to remain confident and respectful members of our society, capable of high achievement.  In our educational setting, students are taught independent learning skills in a supportive, encouraging and enriching environment.

Our purpose, in concert with parents and the wider community, is to consistently deliver quality education within a calm and nurturing environment.  Our aim is to develop future citizens and leaders who are active, lifelong learners.  The vision of this plan is to provide a school experience that is created from consistent processes, innovative strategies and enriched with relevant teaching practices.  Barrenjoey aims to maintain the value we place in ‘relationships’ whilst continually recognising student effort, raising expectations and promoting academic rigour.  The community can expect Barrenjoey to be a comprehensive centre for academic and creative excellence.

Ian Bowsher