School and Student Management Software

Barrenjoey uses Sentral Education to facilitate communication between parents, staff and students. It allows teachers to post individual or class messages, set homework, send attached assignments etc. It allows students and parents to send messages direct to the relevant teacher. Students and parents have 24/7 access to data such as timetable, reports, Naplan results, homework messages, subscribed resources, bulletins and other notices. Students also use site this as a homework diary or journal and should use it daily. Parent teacher interviews for parent teacher night are also accessed through this portal.

Access for students through the following link (as well as through Quick Links at the top right of this Webpage) is granted using their DET username and password. This information is still current from primary school or is issued a few days after enrolment in a DET school. Authorised parents and caregivers are then sent an email requesting them to register and use an issued unique access code for that student’s portal, please follow the link in the email. Once registered, access is then via the same link as students, described above, but with the registered email username.

(Please read the directions for registration carefully and remember which email/password you use to register 🙂 )

Please contact Kalinda Hawson in the office if you have problems with access.

Student access/ password problems can be assisted by any classroom teacher.

Parent/ Student Sentral Portal link