The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program has being implemented across many Department of Education schools across the state. The program recognises that technology and choices about technology are very much personal and acknowledges technology in education means more than meeting specific curriculum requirements. BYOD is designed to give freedom to make technology choices that suit you and all your circumstances. Barrenjoey has successfully implemented a BYOD model to support the teaching and learning needs of our students and our school.

There are specifications that need to be met in order to make the devices useful in the classroom, e.g. for a device to have access to the school’s network there is a minimum standard for device connectivity. There are a significant range of devices that are on the market that will meet a range of budgets and purposes. However, some of the current generation of devices, don’t meet the crucial component of the BYOD experience – connectivity to the internet. Every public high school in NSW has been equipped with a robust and centrally managed wireless network to allow staff and students to connect. The DET wireless network installed in high schools only operates on the 802.11n 5Ghz standard. Devices with 802.11a/b/g or 802.11n 2.4Ghz only will not be able to connect. Make sure it supports both “a” and “n”.

A requirements checklist is provided below which also mentions battery life, insurance etc.

Recommended devices for use at school include PC Laptops, Notebooks and Ultrabooks as well as Apple Macbook products. With the introduction of Google Apps to Barrenjoey, students will also be able to use a Chromebook device at School. These devices retail from $300.