There are three specialist computer rooms in the school available to all Faculties and also a specialist Connected Classroom situated in the School Library for virtual excursions and training.  Students can access the computer facilities in the Library during breaks throughout the day and after school.  The Senior Study area located in the Library has desktop computers and laptops for exclusive senior use.  There are also over twenty Interactive Whiteboards installed throughout the school for Faculty use.  The school is wirelessly networked as well as cabled and internet access is readily available to students via the monitored and controlled Department of Education’s portal.  The Barrenjoey High School Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Policy and Network Access Information are issued to all students on enrolment and students and parents are required to sign an agreement for appropriate use before the student is given network access.


The Hall is used for sport, assemblies celebrating student achievement, examinations, student performances and other school functions and is available for hire by the community.


Barrenjoey’s Library collection caters for the educational and leisure needs of the students and staff. A wide variety of fiction, non-fiction and reference materials are held. Books, periodicals, newspaper clippings and pamphlets, maps, reference books and audio visual are available. We have regular magazine subscriptions that are very popular with the students who love reading them.

The Digital collection of resources available is run through our ClickView Library server. Currently we have over 1800 recordings available with new recordings being constantly uploaded through teacher requests via Online ClickView. Every student and family has password access to this invaluable resource – Online Clickview – where there are over 26,500 recordings.

Classes are booked by teachers for students to undertake research or wide reading. During these lessons the Librarian is available to assist the teacher and students. Stimulus reading material is regularly displayed in order to encourage and facilitate student uptake of relevant and interesting resources. We have an area set aside for internet research which can be undertaken in these lessons as well. Learning to navigate the internet in a safe way, to share ideas and discover great reads appropriate to skill level are all aspects of these lessons in the library.

The Library is open from 8.30am, Lunch 1 and 2 and after school up to 4pm every day. Students can avail themselves of the Librarian to help them with: researching topics, finding reliable information, sourcing new authors and genres and printing requirements. In addition we have students who regularly meet in these breaks to enjoy the ambience and collegiality among friends.

Senior students have access to a Senior Study room which is annexed to the Library. Senior students have Senior Study lessons incorporated in their timetables but of course use the library during Lunch 1 and 2 as well. Motivated senior students accessing library resources in a Senior Study purposeful way are modelling excellent behaviour for junior students.

Students are not permitted to use the computers to play games, for private email, chat rooms or newsgroups. Barrenjoey has a Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Agreement which is issued to all students at the time of enrolment. This should be read, signed by parents and students and returned to the school.

For more information on the Library at Barrenjoey visit Library life @ Barrenjoey


This room is a facility for Senior students.  The aim of the Senior Study is to improve the academic outcomes for senior students of Barrenjoey High school.  This will create a strong learning culture by promoting high expectations, increased engagement and supporting individualised learning.  The Senior Study Room (SSR) provides a unique learning environment in a dedicated room delivering technological accessibility, and staff expertise.

A senior staff member permanently staffs the Senior Study Room and offers assistance to students with study techniques, assessment enquiries and general motivation needs.  The aim is to create an adult learning environment where students can access the resources that will specifically address their individual needs.  An environment such as this requires students to be motivated, serious and mature and develop independent learning skills that will be modelled to all those around.  Effort will be truly recognised.