Transition to High School


The Induction Program plays a major role in welcoming Year 7 students to the school.  Trained volunteer students act as mentors and introduce positive peer influence to Year 7.  This helps Year 7 to integrate more easily into the school and to build friendships with others in their year.  Each Year 7 student will have an older friend in the wider school community.

The Induction Program is part of a well planned transition from Year 6 to Year 7 that ensures all Year 7 students settle into their secondary education feeling confident, respected, cared for and welcome.

An Information Night is held for parents of Year 6 students who have enrolled for the following Year 7.  Senior student leaders, Year 7 Advisors and senior staff members outline aspects of the school in relation to Year 7 such as pastoral care, curriculum, uniform, special programs and events on orientation day, the mentor program, day 1 and term 1 of high school.

PCS Year 7 2022 Academic Extension Class Information and Application Form

Year 7 Extension Class 2022

Year 7 2022 Academic Extension Class

On Thursday 18 March 2021 a General Achievement Test will be offered for students to be considered for selection in the Year 7 2022 Academic Extension Classes at Barrenjoey, Narrabeen Sports, NBSC Cromer Campus and Pittwater High Schools.

Students are eligible for placement in the Academic Extension Class at their local designated high school.

General Achievement Test

The General Achievement Test is a two hour externally sourced test focusing on English, Mathematics and Science skills. The format is:

  • Reading and Language (40 minutes) – 40 multiple choice questions from stimulus material
  • Mathematics (40 minutes) – 40 multiple choice questions
  • Writing task (30 minutes) – 1 writing task

A fee of $45 covers the cost of external marking, administration, test supervision and materials.   

Examination Procedures

The test will be held at each of the four high schools. Students will attend and sit the test at their locally designated high school. The test begin at 9:15am sharp in the school hall of Barrenjoey, Narrabeen Sports, NBSC Cromer Campus and Pittwater High Schools. Please ensure students report to the Hall by 9:05am. At 11:30am the test will conclude. Please collect students immediately following the test as supervision will not be provided.

Please note. Successful students will be offered a position in their locally designated High School. To check your locally designated high school please visit “School Finder

School Selection Criteria

  1. Any Year 6 PCS primary school student can sit the General Achievement
  2. PCS secondary schools will offer Academic Extension Class positions only to successful in-area students.

School Selection Process

Following receipt of test results the PCS secondary school principals will offer placement to the highest ranked students for the Academic Extension Class at their school.  A reserve list will also be established.
General Achievement Application Form

Applications have now closed.

Applications must be received at the appropriate high school, no later than Friday 19th February 2021. Applications will only be processed with a valid payment via money order, credit card or cheque payable to your locally designated high school either Barrenjoey, Narrabeen Sports, NBSC Cromer Campus or Pittwater High Schools, using the application link on previous page.

A confirmation email will be sent by Friday 5th March 2021.

Admission to the test hall on test day

Only registered students will be allowed to sit the test.

Please email enquiries to your locally designated high school, either:

 Key Dates

Application information available in schools to Year 6 2021 parents

Term 1 2021

Complete and return application by


19 February 2021

Confirmation email


5 March 2021

Extension test date


18 March 2021


 Visual Arts and Music Extension applications will be sent out with Barrenjoey enrolment forms. 

Please email enquiries to:

More information on starting high school Click here