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Please contact Belinda Waterson, School Enrolments if you require more information – belinda.waterson@det.nsw.edu.au

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Residential Address Checklist

Parent/Guardians to enrol a child at Barrenjoey High School will be required to show documents to establish the child’s address.    100-point Residential Address Check will be required to determine your designated intake area.

Please click here for the 100 point requirements. 

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YEAR 7 (for 2022):

If your child is attending a NSW government primary school the application process begins with the primary school.

You will receive an Expression of Interest Form for Year 7 2022 early in Term 1 of Year 6. You will need to complete this form and return it to your primary school by the end of March 2021.

Your primary school will forward all relevant applications to Barrenjoey High School.  We will then send you an Enrolment Form that you will need to complete and bring into Barrenjoey High School along with relevant information listed on the back of the Enrolment Form like 100 points for Proof of Address and student Proof of Identity.

If your child is attending a non-government primary school you will be able to download the Expression of Interest Form for Year 7 2022 Expression of Interest Form and return it directly to Barrenjoey High School during March 2021.

For more information on the Department’s Enrolment Policy please read Information For Parents

Year 7 Extension Class 2022

PDF of Year 7 2022 Academic Extension Class

On Thursday 18 March 2021 a General Achievement Test was held for students to be considered for selection in the Year 7 2022 Academic Extension Classes at Barrenjoey, Narrabeen Sports, NBSC Cromer Campus and Pittwater High Schools.

Students are eligible for placement in the Academic Extension Class at their local designated high school.

General Achievement Test

The General Achievement Test is a two hour externally sourced test focusing on English, Mathematics and Science skills. The format is:

  • Reading and Language (40 minutes) – 40 multiple choice questions from stimulus material
  • Mathematics (40 minutes) – 40 multiple choice questions
  • Writing task (30 minutes) – 1 writing task

A fee of $45 covers the cost of external marking, administration, test supervision and materials.   

Examination Procedures

The test were held at each of the four high schools. Students attended and sat the test at their locally designated high school. 

Please note. Successful students will be offered a position in their locally designated High School. To check your locally designated high school please visit “School Finder

School Selection Criteria

  1. Any Year 6 PCS primary school student can sit the General Achievement
  2. PCS secondary schools will offer Academic Extension Class positions only to successful in-area students.

School Selection Process

Following receipt of test results the PCS secondary school principals will offer placement to the highest ranked students for the Academic Extension Class at their school.  A reserve list will also be established.
General Achievement Application Form

Visual Arts and Music Extension applications will be sent out with Barrenjoey enrolment forms. 

2021 Open Night for Barrenjoey High School was Tuesday 2nd March.

When changing schools to enrol in YEARS 7 – 12:

If your child is currently enrolled in a NSW government school or a non-government school please contact Barrenjoey High School to discuss the enrolment procedures.  You can complete the enrolment inquiry form and email it directly to the school. Enrolment Enquiry Form

If your child holds a temporary visa or visitor visa please go to the DEC Temporary Residents website first. CRICOS Provider Code 00588M Provider Name: NSW Department of Education.

Out of Area Enrolment Application

100 point residential check

Click here to see your designated school 

When applying for enrolment at Barrenjoey we will check your address to determine whether you are in area or out of area.  We will require a 100 point residential check to help determine your address.  Parents planning to enrol their child at a school that is near or at their buffer or cap will be asked to complete the 100-point residential address check to confirm they live within the school’s designated intake area. This means you will need to provide documents to verify your child’s current address.

So that schools only seek information relevant to your child’s enrolment, a list of approved documents for the residential address check is available from the school or the department’s website at https://education.nsw.gov.au/policy-library/policies/enrolment-of-students-in-nsw-government-schools.

International Students

Click on the link above for more information about enrolling International Students at Barrenjoey

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