Bell Times



School begins with Period 1 at 9.00 am.  Seniors who have a zero period will begin at 8.00 am.  The day finishes at 3.10pm every day except Wednesday, when it finishes at 3.00pm.


In 2016 an innovative ‘Flexible Learning Day’ once a fortnight for Year 11 commenced. From 2017 this model was adopted by both senior years.

The model provides: greater flexibility and specialty access for students within their learning options, improved independence and time to work on major projects and assessment tasks, greater subject choice, improved mentoring and tutoring possibilities as well as optimise Senior Study usage and minimise lost travel time and lessons missed for various reasons.

Essentially the timetable above means Year 11 and 12 students in 2017 have one flexible learning day built into their fortnightly timetable. This day will serve many purposes, it will allow:

  • Students to have a whole day to study and/or complete assessment tasks at home
  • The establishment of specific, targeted (optional) tutoring programs in the Senior Study that target individual subjects or student needs
  • Study Skills sessions to be developed for these days – not affecting other learning times
  • Some excursions and assessment tasks to be run on this day not causing students to miss other lessons
  • For working on a practical ‘Major Works’ in the classroom
  • For more flexibility and independence regarding students choosing how to work.

In 2021:

  • Year 12 will have their Flexible Learning Day on Tuesday of Week B


School commences at 9.00am for all students and ends at 3.10pm.  Senior students may leave school earlier on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to access TAFE courses at Brookvale or other TAFE campuses.

Punctuality and regular attendance are important habits that students need to develop in preparation for work and life in general and there is ample evidence that students who attend regularly and are punctual to all lessons are more likely to achieve their personal best in study.  Latecomers, and those with irregular attendance, negatively affect the continuity of their learning.  Latecomers also disrupt the lessons of their peers.


  • Except in unavoidable circumstances, students are expected to arrive at school before the warning bell at 8.57am, at which time they proceed to their first class. Some senior classes start at 8am.
  • Students who arrive late to school must report to the Front Office. Parents can explain lateness in person, or via email, SMS or phone call. Late arrival without explanation will be recorded as unexplained. See p32 for further consequences for unexplained lateness.
  • Attendance at school each day in required under NSW law. Parents are notified of student absences via SMS. Absences due to illness or other acceptable reasons should be explained by parent/carer within 7 days via SMS, email or written note to Front Office including the date, student’s name, address, class, parent’s telephone number and the date(s) of the absence.
  • Absences not explained after seven days are recorded as unexplained.
  • Every effort should be made by students to secure medical and dental appointments out of school hours.
  • The school should be advised in advance of anticipated absences longer than 5 days, for example for an operation.  The necessary paperwork can be collected from the Front Office.
  • Approval for holidays and travel outside of school vacation periods is at the Principal’s discretion following a submission of appropriate request documents received from Front Office. From 2015 students can no longer be granted an exemption from school for holiday travel outside of school vacations; all such travel is recorded as leave and student attendance data will be reduced as a result. Parents are strongly advised to avoid using non vacation time for family travel.


  • Students requiring to leave school early should bring a signed permission note from their parent stating date, student’s name, year, time of departure and reason. 
  • The note should be presented to the Deputy Principal assigned to the year group (see page 15).
  • Before leaving the school grounds students must sign out at the Front Office. 
  • Students will be issued with and will retain a Leave Pass.  These passes are valid on the day and time of issue only. 
  • If students will be returning to school after an appointment, they are required to sign back in at the Front Office.
  • If children are sick while at school, they must report to the Front Office in the first instance.  We will assess the situation and contact parents accordingly


In 2021 Roll Call will:

  • Occur after Period 2 every day
  • Be horizontal (rather than vertical), i.e. they will be made up of students from the same year group only
  • Exist in the same room, with the same Roll Call teacher and Executive staff member (wherever possible) for the six schooling years
  • ‘Possibly’ replace Houses as a means of competition and recognition across the school
  • Be held indoors for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Combined, these changes will improve communication and mentoring options as well as increase cohort-specific possibilities. It is felt that each cohort will develop even stronger ties to both their year group and the school through being brought together in this manner consistently across the fortnight.

These changes will solidify a philosophy of inclusion and opportunity while embedding wellbeing and potential for all students.