Did you know…if a student misses as little as 8 days in a school term,
by the end of high school, they will have missed over a year of schooling?

Our school is currently reviewing our School Attendance Policy and related procedures in line with the Department of Education’s guidelines. As part of this process, we are alerting all parents to a few key messages.

  1. Updated information regarding school attendance
    This easy-to-read, 2-page bulletin titled “Compulsory School Attendance” is below for your perusal. Key points from this bulletin include:
  • legal responsibilities of parents
  • what to do if your child has to be away from school
  • travel during school term
  • students responsibility to arrive to class on time
  • parents responsibility in responding to texts and emails in a punctual manner regarding absenteeism and/or lateness to school.
  1. Returning to school after an absence
    Following an absence from school, parents must ensure they provide an explanation within 7 days from the first day of any period of absence by means such as a telephone call, written note, email or via the Barrenjoey High School App. It is a Dept of Education regulation that absences can not be amended after 7 days and could remain ‘unjustified’ if not sufficiently explained.
  2. Applying for Extended Leave – Travel
    Families are encouraged to holiday or travel during school vacations. If travel during term time is necessary, please contact the School Office for an Application for Extended Leave form for all travel absences. If the Principal accepts the reason for the absence, the absence will be marked as leave on the roll and a Certificate of Extended Leave – Travel will be issued. This certificate must be produced when requested by the police or other authorised attendance officers. Please allow up to 1 week for the School Office to complete this process.

Information for Parents – Compulsory School Attendance