Year 12 Destination Survey

Of the students: 49% are currently enrolled and are about to start university courses; 16% are attending either TAFE or private colleges (including 9% with apprenticeships); 2% are having a GAP year but are enrolled to attend University/TAFE in 2022 and 19% of ex-students are already working – some to save money for travelling.

Impressively this means that 85% of last year’s graduating class is currently engaged in tertiary education (including TAFE based apprenticeships)

The ‘fields of interest’ our graduated students are involved with are incredibly diverse. It is very pleasing  to see students follow their passion and get involved in everything from Health to Law, Education to Design, film to floristry. However, for the second year running it is the Science based courses that win the most popular award for this cohort attracting more students than any other. 

The most popular TAFE courses are within the Northern Sydney area with 5% choosing to study locally (Brookvale) and Syndey Uni, UTS and UNSW sharing the most common university at 22%. However, as you can see our graduates are scattering themselves all over the country from Wollongong to Newcastle, Canberra to Tasmania. And we are seeing a rise in the attendance at private colleges with students attending places like Bradfield, Brent Street, JMC, Pilot School and International School of Management. Looks like we’re getting ‘beyond the bends’ now!

Well done to the class of 2020.