REC Trophy – Barrenjoey Citizenship Award

At Barrenjoey High School we are proud of the achievements, participation and efforts of our students. Our merit system acknowledges students’ accomplishments across all fields of endeavour and encourages improvement and sustained application.

The Barrenjoey High School Merit Award System is a cumulative process throughout one academic year and over the student’s time at school.

Barrenjoey High School Gold Medals are awarded to students who achieve a total of two Gold Merit Awards and complete their required number of REC.   Any student who gains a Barrenjoey High School Gold Medal for every year of their time at Barrenjoey High School will receive a Barrenjoey High School REC Trophy at Year 12 Graduation and will have their name recorded on the Barrenjoey High School REC Honour Board.

2016 was the inaugural year for the REC Trophy, students in Year 12 who have previously achieved Blues points in every year they have been at Barrenjoey are eligible for this prestigious award.

2016 Charlie Anderson
2016 Decoda Anderson-Knowles
2016 Bronte Cross
2016 Jerome Cordaiy
2016 Connor Sheppeard
2016 Maddison Hyde
2017 Rachel Birrell
2017 Ella Woolcott
2017 Tasman Couston
2018 Beatrix Twibill Hall
2018 Elijah Thomson
2018 Kayla Carruthers
2018 Samantha Smith