NAPLAN Results

2017 NAPLAN results are out….

For our students in Years 7 and 9, we have just received their results for the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy or simply called NAPLAN.

Over the next week, students and families will receive their personalised results.

Barrenjoey High School students are above the state average for all elements of Numeracy and Literacy in both Year 7 and Year 9, for all types of schools (ie. Public, Private and Independent). Not only are we above the State averages ….we are substantially above them for many elements.

These come on the back of the recent Half Yearly Reports, which showed excellent grade distributions across both year groups. Following is a summary of all our results when compared to the state averages. Congratulations to all our Year 7 and 9 students.


Year group







Grammar and Punctuation

Overall Literacy

Data, Measurement, Space & Geometry

Number, Patterns & Algebra

Overall Numeracy












































Average scores for all Year 7 & 9 students for all aspects of NAPLAN, Barrenjoey V’s state (2017)

It’s fantastic to see that both our Year 7 and Year 9 students are now achieving substantially above state averages, and individually, most students have made significant improvements on their previous tests (‘Value Added’ results), which is more evidence that success is within the grasp of all students!

These Year 7 results are almost identical to last year’s record-breaking levels. They reflect substantial improvements in the Literacy measure of ‘Reading’ in particular, as well as in all areas of Numeracy. Overall the results display scores of 13 points above the state average for Literacy and 6 points for Numeracy. There will be a focus on writing heading into next year.

These Year 9 results are also pleasing. They reflect substantial improvements in all Literacy elements as well as in overall Numeracy. Overall the results display pleasing scores of 12 points above the state average for Literacy and 8 points for Numeracy. There will be a focus on writing within next year’s literacy planning.

The Year 7 ‘Band’ distributions (see table below) indicate some interesting trends. This is perhaps the best measure of progress – to observe the trend for the number of students in each Band. Each Year group is judged into six bands. As can be noted for Year 7 there has been a solid number of students receiving scores in the top three Bands (72% for Barrenjoey – compared to the State figure of 60%), and when compared to previous years we see a consolidation of results in Bands 8 and 9 in particular and an overall decrease in the number of students receiving results in the lower three Bands with only 28% of Year 7 Barrenjoey results in these Lower Bands (compared to 40% of the state).

These results bode well for the future of Barrenjoey.

When compared to the State, Year 7 students received very pleasing Band results in all aspects of the test. In the Upper three Bands our Year 7 students did particularly well in the elements of ‘overall Numeracy’ (77.3%), ‘Reading’ (79.5%) and ‘Spelling (77.6%). These compared to 63.9%, 60.2% and 68.2% respectively for the state.


When compared to the State, Year 9 students also received pleasing Band results in all aspects of the test but particularly in ‘Reading’ and ‘Numeracy’ with 72.2% and 71.1% of all Year 9 students scoring in the top 3 Bands overall (compared to 58.4% and 58.5% respectively of the state).

For Year 9 the statistics show 65% of students scored in the ‘Upper’ Bands (Band 8 and above) overall, compared to 56% of the state. Only 35% of Year 9 Barrenjoey results were in the Lower three Bands (compared to 4% of the state).

The ‘Band Distribution’ for Year 7 (2011-2017) saw Barrenjoey students improve with a greater number of Bands 7-9 results over the same period compared to the state. The gap between Barrenjoey students and the remainder of the state is +12 percentage points. This is very pleasing from a ‘Value Added’ perspective as many students had significant growth rates.

Year 9 students also saw a continuation in the same trend by significantly decreasing their representation in the lower three Bands.

One important aspect of NAPLAN testing that is often forgotten is the growth each students is expected to make between tests. An expected growth score is developed for each year for all elements of NAPLAN and then each child can be compared against that expected growth score. At Barrenjoey approximately 62% of Year 7 and 68% of Year 9 students that were tested experienced growth in the top quarter of the state. This is a great result as it indicates that many of our students are achieving results well above that of which is expected.

Overall the 2017 results are very pleasing and they indicate improvement in most areas, most notably in Overall Numeracy and Reading, however they also indicate a number of areas to target our focus. Over the next few months the Mathematics and English departments will be analysing these results in detail and planning programs for 2018, Ms Hines and the Learning Support team will be analysing the results to identify students in need of extra assistance and we will all keep working towards creating the best possible learning environment for the students of Barrenjoey.

A note on the new HSC Minimum Standards

Under the NSW Government’s Stronger HSC Standards reforms, Year 9 students who achieve a Band 8, 9, or 10 in the test domains of reading, writing and numeracy are considered to have demonstrated the HSC minimum standard early. Across the state the results show that the following proportion of students have met the minimum standard early:

  • 55% in reading, (at Barrenjoey this figure is 70%)
  • 42% in writing, (at Barrenjoey this figure is 43%)
  • 54% in numeracy, (at Barrenjoey this figure is 68%)

The NSW Year 9 results also tell us that:

  • 68% attained a Band 8 or above in at least one test domain, (at Barrenjoey this figure is 81%)
  • 52% attained Band 8 or above in at least two test domains, (at Barrenjoey this figure is 64%)
  • 32% attained Band 8 or above in all three test domains, (at Barrenjoey this figure is 35%)

More information on Minimum HSC Standards will be forwarded to Year 9 students and their parents.