HSC Results 2019

Congratulations Barrenjoey HSC Students 2019

In the Higher School Certificate (HSC) Examinations, Barrenjoey HS has yet again received great results for its 2019 cohort. -management program through determination, effort and allowing others to helphe 166 This is an effort that should make all students, staff, parents and community members justifiably proud.

  • 107 Year 12 students for the HSC across 501 examinations and 15 accelerated Year 11 students sat their HSC in either Aboriginal Studies or Food Technology.
  • 37 results (7.4%) were placed in the top band, Band 6. This is similar to previous years and continues the solid results of the past 10 years.
  • 161 results (32.1%) were in the second band, Band 5.
  • In total 72% of all HSC results were placed in the top three bands. This now means Barrenjoey students have been substantially above the state average for 9 years in the past decade, displaying terrific cultural improvements for all students.
  • 24 students received results in the top band. That’s better than one in five students, and 67 received results in Band 5. This is an incredible display of student depth. 60% of students received scores in the top two
  • On an individual level, 11 students (Ella Brady, Raphaella Katzen, Elena Newlyn, Cherie Pont, Annabel Ritchie, Charlotte Scott, Mia Smith, Belle Turner, India Turner, Cooper Van Wijck and Heidi Wiseman) were placed in the top band for a multiple of courses.
  • Numerous students scored almost the perfect marks for individual subjects: Belle Turner – 98 for English Advanced and 48 for Extension 2 English (max. 50), Lachlan Bates – 97 for Music, Nina Paton – 97 for Aboriginal Studies, Sarah Bradhurst – 95 for Visual arts, Mia Smith – 95 for Legal Studies and Zoe Coles – 95 for Aboriginal Studies.
  • A very special mention to Belle Turner who placed twentieth in the State for English Advanced – a sensational achievement.
  • In total an incredible 14 students (11%) received all their results in the top two bands. This amounts to great recognition for their hard determined work.
  • Furthermore, and amazingly, 103 results were only one or two marks away from achieving at least one higher grade. A target that we will continue to set for next year’s Year 12; to gain 2 extra marks in all that they are assessed on!
  • Nineteen subjects (58%) achieved results above the state average but special mention must go to Aboriginal Studies, Community and Family Studies and French (Beginners) where subject results impressively scored more than 5% above the state mean.
  • Congratulations to the students who have worked so hard this year and took ‘up the challenge’ of getting involved with the Tutoring Program, Study Skills and other initiatives, as well as working effectively in the Senior Study and taking the Reporting and Interview processes so seriously.
  • Congratulations to the sensationally talented HSC teaching staff who have worked so diligently with the students throughout 2018 and 2019.